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Weekly Wrap Up of Phoenix and Real Estate Articles Of interest

Posted by Artur Ciesielski on Saturday, May 7th, 2011 at 5:41pm.

Since this is the first of what I meant to do for a while, it will probably be longer then future posts, but it always depends on my mood at the time of writing. I may be in a hurry, busy or my brain may be slower due to excessive heat, which will probably happen often in the summer. Each week, more or less on Monday, I'll publish collection of at least a few of the hundreds of articles I read or scan through via my RSS reader each week. 

You'll see me noting articles by John Talon a lot here. His writing is eloquent, smart and accessible and he always has strong opinions not to mention a lot of useful, educational and relevant information about the valley, more that it's not only a history lesson, it's what it means to us now that matters.  One of the popular series of articles he post is Phoenix 101 which should be a must read.  

The most recent article is Phoenix 101: The East Valley, in which starts of, "Of all the many delusional linguistic constructs in metro Phoenix meant to sell real estate and sustain the unsustainable (think, "The Sun Corridor," "the North Valley," etc.), only the East Valley has real substance to it. Such was not always the case."

Redfin is a new player in the Phoenix real estate market, but they are slowly gaining way with their awesome internet presents, robust home search full of relevant information and respected selection of agent. Why do I write so highly of whom is seemingly a competitor? Because amongst Redfin's agents there are Realtors who are Partner Agents or agents who work with other brokers and cooperate with Redfin and we happen to be two of their Partners in for the Central and West Phoenix area.  I can tell you that the agents who are chose to participate as Partner Agents are chosen very carefully. A recent article, Fifty Agents Say So Long To Redfin, delves a bit more into the process of how agents are selected or let go and you can view our profile page on Redin, with client reviews and most of the transactions: I say most because we do quite a bit of business that does not hit the MLS system, so not all transactions are included there.

Not quite real estate related, but it certainly can be, a post title The Small Scale Approach to Achieving Great Things from zenhabits was a welcome article to read, especially at a time when I'm reading 5 book on topics varying from negotiations: Getting More to copyrighting like Cashvertising ( both are superb book by the way ) in addition to running several businesses. I've got a lot to chew as most people probably do:  it's a fast moving world and it's not hard to keep busy so a reminder on how to handle things better is always good to review.

The 1000Watt Consulting published a post on mobile websites and how to present them on mobile devices such as an Android, iPhone or iPad.  I'm not sure what the answer is, but we're working on a mobile solution not only for this website - ,but also for our other website since we are seeing an increase in users coming to them from these devices - yeah, we can track that.

And not to prolong this post the Baseline Scenario is another blog everyone should ready - it's about the economy and the recent post titled, Does The US Have A Lot Of Government Debt? was of particular interest since government debt is one of the big factors which can expand or bring down an economy and in the US it seems to be a big problem because much of it is parasitic debt, not the debt that helps growth. This would not be so bad, but there are economies out there already growing at a pace that will surpass the US economy and some of them want to the dollar out of play as the primary world currency.

On Monday we reviewed the Phoenix housing market with data from April 2011. It's worth a look since it's the month after which we will not longer see a downward trend in Phoenix home prices. It's the second dip and probably the last one. So if you were waiting for the bottom, you just missed it.

Here at inPhoenix we expanded the Phoenix light rail properties page to include searches by light rail station so if you want a property by the light rail this is the place to go. No one has as many options as we do.

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