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Things To Do In Phoenix

Stuff to be entertained in Phoenix.  This can be biking, hiking, shopping, the arts or even a walk.

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At the end of Murphy's Bridle Path, on the North end, between the border of Sunnyslope and Uptown Phoenix is the Arizona Canal and along it the junction with the Arizona Canal Trail.  

The canals in Greater Phoenix are often dismissed and ignored by near-by residents, but they are a superb travel routes for cyclists to get through the city with little traffic and an open terrain for joggers. 

Mostly covered by gravel and sometimes paved: often lined with lush mature trees, the canals are free of cars and all motorized vehicles.

The Arizona Canal Trail is about 15.5 miles long, stretching in Phoenix from 51st Avenue and Cactus Road to 52nd Street and Indian School well into downtown Scottsdale.

It's a route I take often to travel from Central

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Just a short trip from Phoenix is the Tonto Natural Bridge just miles north of Payson and local beer just few miles north of the park where you can recuperate after all the excitement.

It's summer and just shy of 110 degrees. The city feels a bit empty, especially on the weekends as people flee the heat and hit the cooler parts of Arizona. 

And just about 2 hours away from Phoenix via the beautiful and fun drive up 87 and past Payson is the Tonto Natural Bridge. I have to admit that despite living here over 30 years this is the first time I've been here and I wonder why. 

To get to the bridge you'll need to hike down a short trail, just don't do it in high healt like a few of the people we saw, unless you're looking for a sprained ankle.  


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Rancho Solano in Uptown Phoenix just of Central Avenue. It's a rather nice niche-hood. Homes have large green sprawling irrigated yard, the trees are green and mature and the streets don't abide by the grid pattern that most of Phoenix does. 

About in the middle of the neighborhood is another of those street islands - little morals of land in a sea of asphalt. This one is rather charming, and much larger than the street island in Windsor Square near by. 

It's well shaded, it has lots of grass and unlike so many a vintage light post. Plus that, almost mandatory, bench.

street island in rancho solano

ranch solano

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The Phoenix Light Rail may seem new, but its really a rebirth of a mode of transportation which used to exist in Phoenix. Central Phoenix used to have an extensive trolley system which was removed with the advent of the automobile. It's too bad that that happened, but at lease some people had the foresight and fortitude to preserve what was left. This was done by The Phoenix Trolley project.

The Phoenix Trolley project was started in 1975 by a group of individuals who purchased one of the last remaining bodies of an original Phoenix Streetcar. The project became a Museum and was established as a 501(c)3 Nonprofit Corporation in 1978. Since that time, a Car Barn has been constructed, and Streetcar #116 has been partially restored and made operational.…
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Phoenix is lucky to have so many active people looking after it and most of us are lucky to have them and the resulting beautiful city that Phoenix is becoming after so many decades of wrong. Unfortunately past residents destroyed what would have made this city truly cosmopolitan: for instance Japanese flower growers in south Phoenix or China down in the warehouse district or the dozens of magnificent historic homes and icons of modernism that have been liquidated.

None the less what is left is, for the most, part, being preserved and often re-purposed. Urban life in Phoenix compared to just a decade or two ago is much better. The boom helped. 

One of those gems is the magnificent Japanese Friendship garden in downtown Phoenix. It is a 3.5 acre garden

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Fall in Central Phoenix is warm and beautiful with lots of colors from all sorts of trees. A drive on Central Avenue or a run under the canoppy of Ash trees along Murphy's Bridle Path is almost magical, so is the crinkle of leaves under the foot or bicycle tire and the smell of flora of fall.

Below is a short video of what you can see now while in Central Phoenix.

I like the music too. It's bursting and vibrant just like the colors: bassy, clean and inspiring.

Instead of watching the video, get on your bike and see these colors and leaves live, crunch them under you wheels and smell them as the aroma fills the air.

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With the fall season upon us Central Phoenix is in the midst of a beautiful colorful scene. Just a drive down Central Ave will perk up anyone's mood. The colors are extraordinary as the Ash trees loose their foliage. 

This is also the season to do some searious hiking. We're lucky here in Phoenix that even in the bustling central city area there is a huge mountain range, the Phoenix Mountains, that are home to miles upon miles of hiking trails with many tall peaks reaching into the sky and to those who venture up their rocky sizes and make it to the top, beautiful views and amazing sunsets.


I'm lucky to live next to the preserve and I make it a point to hike and run it alone or with my smooth fox terriers as often as I can, at least 3-4 times a

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A cycling trip to the newly opened Giant Coffee near the Phoenix Art Museum  This is an urban Phoenix blog originally posted at PhoenixMarketTrends and now move here. urban_bike_giant_coffee_2_440 Giant Coffee just opened recently and I've had several chances to have some coffee there and lounge around: once by car and twice by bike.
I like the bike part better because it just feels right to ride up to this modern contemporary building lay the bike against the wall along the the many others and walk into the fully opened front while fuses the interior and exterior space together.
It's the openness and fairly nice interior that make this place quite pleasant to be in: it's got the looks and feel of a truly great place: add to that friendly service and good, not great,…
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The trip distance both ways from my house to Downtown Scottsdale: 41 miles, with some small detours. The destination was arbitrary. I figured Cartel Coffee was going to be open so I headed toward it from the North side of Mummy Mountain then down the streets near Scottsdale Road through places like the under ground parking and interior courtyard under Camelview Plaza where I saw  at least a dozen people being pulled by their dogs.


Scottsdale on a Sunday morning is pretty empty, but not completely. When I rode by The Breakfast Club all seats were full and it looked like a bunch of people were waiting for their turn at some morning grub. It must be good. After some here and there, I decided to have a latte to go at Cartel Coffee. I like this Cartel

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urban foodYes, beet is spelled correctly: beet as in that beautiful dark burgundy root vegetable so dear to my Central European heart. I love beets so when the recently opened Cartel Coffee Lab got a new lunch menu which included a beet salad, I took a chance and had it.

Not really a chance. I've had many of their culinary choices in Downtown Phoenix which are excellent: Try the omelet or the Big Ben or even a simply yet awesome BLT.

Intermission: What's a salad review doing on the real estate website? What's a city without food? The better the food the better the city, the lifestyle and I bet it's good for real estate prices as well, just look at what La Grande Orange did for the 40th Street and Campbell area.

Greens, red onion, roasted beets, cherry

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