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Exciting news - We're in the process of a MAJOR update on this website. It's been 4 years now since this iteration went up. It will include a lot of features that will make searching for homes easier, more intuitive, quicker and overall a better process and it will include many new features for those of you interested in selling as well a wanting to get to know the city. We don't expect you to be excited, but we, Artur and Joanna, know you'll really like what the results will be.


From Modern To Historic: Condos and Lofts and Light Rail properties. The most comprehensive Central Phoenix real estate website.

There are properties in Central Phoenix that fit every lifestyle! You’ll find Phoenix homes of all kinds: small, modern, ranch, and historic homes; condos and lofts; grand, expansive estates; even an occasional horse property.


Central Phoenix Real Estate Services

We are full-service real estate agents who focus on the distinct and vivacious urban neighborhoods of Phoenix. We know a lot about urban Central Phoenix and truly love this city!

urban_phoenix_418We will use comprehensive market intelligence along with our core knowledge of local market conditions, to help you make better real estate decisions. We will serve your best interests before, during and after the sale. Our agents are experienced, locally aware, knowledgeable and ready to work for you.

"Artur and his team are the best in the business. Being a local REALTOR™ in Phoenix area for over 6 years and later moving to Manhattan Beach, having a team you can trust to handle all of my clients needs after I left has been critical. I continue to send my private client network over to Artur after all of these years.  Matt Pernice - Hermosa Beach Real Estate"

Because they are based on years of research and measurements, our home search is advanced and our approach is thorough and informed. We call our home sale marketing plan “Marketing with Measurable Results.”

Central Phoenix MLS - And Advanced Phoenix Homes Search

Our website contains pretty much all of the properties listed in the Phoenix MLS (Multiple Listing Service). We download photos, virtual tours, addresses and other property details daily from the Arizona Regional MLS system. It is all here, so you don’t need to scour multiple Phoenix real estate websites to find the right property for you.

A better website provides more information and a more intuitive way to locate that information. Search on our site at your leisure, with as much depth as you require. You can set up auto property searches, get local information, and get the statistics that are important to you. When you are ready to proceed, we will get you into the homes and guide you every step of the way.

We provide support, commitment, performance and value for you, using sophisticated online tools and processes to make it easier. We use support, not sales pressure!

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